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Manifestation Coach Vs Personal Development Coach

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So you're probably wondering what the difference is between a manifestation coach vs a personal development coach...

Both types of life coaches have their own benefits and have clearly helped business owners. But as a manifestation coach myself, I want to tell you the ways in which I can help you achieve a successful business. But before we do this, let's look at the difference between the two and how each one can benefit your personal growth and professional goals. 


Personal Development Coach

Also known as a personal life coach, this type of coach offers support to individuals who want to improve their personal lives through positive changes. Personal development coaching offers to help people identify their goals in everyday life and work towards overcoming obstacles by creating a personal development plan.

personal development coach in sesssion

What does a personal development coach do?

A life coach offers a wide range of support and help to those who are looking for support:

- Helps clients obtain goal setting in different aspects of life: relationships, business, personal development and health.

- Offering coaching tools and techniques to help with a client's personal growth. This can be done through assessments, mindfulness, exercises, journaling, and many other tools.

- Providing support through a client's different challenges as well as achievements. 

- Coaching clients to work towards to practising self-care and achieving personal goals.


Manifestation Coach

However, a manifestation coach offers similar benefits but on a spiritual level.

We've all heard of the simple principles of manifestation and how your thoughts simply create your reality. A manifestation coach can also be seen as a spiritual career coach who offers support and spiritual tools to help increase your soul vibration so your manifestations are able to come into reality. Your dreams and career goals cannot become a reality unless you are at your highest vibration level, both internally and spiritually. 

manifesting success

What do manifestation coaches do?

A manifestation coach will help to raise your energic vibration in order to manifest better:

- Raise your soul vibrations in order to achieve your dream life and biggest dreams

- Also providing a deep understanding of manifestation beyond any book and how to work towards your achievable goals

- Offer an arrangement of spiritual practices and manifestation techniques to keep your vibrations high and block out any negativity.

- Work with you weekly to expand your business plan and to keep putting out positive energy.

- Offer and create daily affirmations to help bespoke your manifestation dreams.

- Help to clear any prolonged anxiety, depression, and overthinking and work towards calming your energy through different powerful tools

- Making your magnetic field stronger and putting a protective bubble around to ensure no negative energy enters your manifesting space.



To help with your personal transformation and manifestation coaching. You should ALWAYS have an energy scan and/or removal! An energy scan will look into what spiritual blocks and negative energy is in the way of you manifesting your dream life.

From this, my team of spiritual masters will then remove any negative energies, blocks and possible spirits to help with your energy healing!

If you want to know more about this, check out our recent blog 

Why Work With Me?

Our team have over 50 years of collective experience with over 1000 clients who have had the chance to receive an energy scan to promote positive energy. We help people from all faiths, religions and cultures. Prayer sometimes doesn’t remove the negative energy, our advanced channelers go above and beyond to remove that energy.

Our spiritual mediums will work with you to understand your physical ailments and provide the right power tools to make sure to can begin manifesting your perfect life!

Check my FREE resources on YouTube below to see how I work with clients on a daily basis:




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