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Fast track yourself with a Spiritual Master,
Psychic, Top Medium. Advance Channeller.

Get behind your energy, live inside, out

This is the only place that addresses the
Mind, Body & Soul

Selection process only; therefore please enquire before purchase


Spiritual Warrior


  1. Weekly 1:1 meditations 30 minute, 3 sessions, where Annie will be in your energy field & doing meditations with you which is right for you. That will clear anxiety, panic, depression, overthinking and you will feel calmer and relaxed in a shorter period of time. 

  2. Weekly 30 minute psyche reading worth £250 per session. 


  1. 3 daily text messages with Annie

  2. Weekly audio messaging from Annie which will really help you to get your life maximised, make you more empowered, more confident, feeling better in yourself, you're gonna learn and have more structure which ultimately will make you more productive. 

  3. Affirmation audios that are tailored for you, we know exactly what you are after so we can help you with bespoke affirmations for your manifestations. 

  4. Best physical shape of your life because being a Top Psychic, spiritual master me and my coach will help you get in the best shape of your life. We know your recovery system. 

  5. Examining sleep pattern. To help guide you in your sleep so you feel refreshed. 

  6. Meals. Designing your right food meal plans for you, so it's not boring. 

  7. Review after 12 weeks.  We want results!

  8. Exclusive VIP Manifestation Coaching material. This release of exclusive is not published anywhere. The VIP Manifestation material from Top Spiritual Masters, is only for those in the Warrior Group. We understand accountability of sharing such sensitive information, therefore  you must be a warrior of minimum 6 months, getting behind your energy & inner work. 

  9. We also got a 8 figure, spiritual master coach, 24yrs in the field, prestigious, reputable background, at hand FOR FREE! who typically charges £1000 a hr! If we have any questions or we need double validations, that's all in the price as well! 

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