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Spiritual Power of Energy Scans and Removals

Energy Scans and Removals
Spiritual Energy

Welcome to the spiritual world of energy scans and removals! Have you ever wondered why your manifestations aren't working, or maybe you're in a constant cycle of negative energy? Well, you may need an energy scan and removal to help you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Keep reading this blog post to discover more about energy scans and removals, their workings in the spiritual realm, and the potential positive changes they could bring to your life...



What is an Energy Scan and Removals?

An energy scan focuses on the electromagnetic field surrounding your body that gives off a certain energy or vibration to others. 

An energy scan also looks at your spiritual blocks, negative energy both physically and in the non-physical realm. If you're surrounded by negative emotions or blocks, your energy field will not be 100% within your vortex energy which can result in impacting the way you manifest and decrease your chances of becoming the personal version of yourself on your spiritual journey. 


How Does an Energy Scan Work?

14 Layers of Energy

Everyone has an auric field, which is a protective bubble; within the auric field, we all have 14 layers. When processing an energy scan, an advanced channeler works past the 14 layers and discovers what is happening with your energy field. 

This can be done through removal energy, which is an exchanged energy which doesn't align with your positive emotions, causing a negative effect on your daily life. There could also be an energy lying in the non-psychical dimension, which the advanced channeler would need to remove.

The advanced channeler will work with you to remove any energies from the auric field, known as auric repairs, which is done on each layer to keep your auric bubble strong.



The Benefits of Energy Scans and Removals

1. Bubble Protection

By removing the possible negative energy from any of your 14 layers, your auric bubble will become stronger, reducing the possibility of any negativity or bad energies entering your field.


2. Manifestation

By clearing out any energy that doesn't belong to you, you're opening up a sacred space to enhance your manifestation. Energies that don't belong to your soul can potentially decrease your quality of life and manifestation practices and affect your mental health.

But after removing the energy, your physical aliment will mean that you can manifest anything you want in life. Whether it's success, money, happiness or love!


3. Limitless Power

Your energy scan and removals will allow your space to have limitless power, where you can work towards your healing journey and increase your spiritual energy levels. 

This means both physically and mentally you'll become the best version of yourself and on a journey to healing!

Why Work With Me?

Our team have over 50 years of collective experience with over 1000 clients who have had the chance to receive an energy scan to promote positive energy. We help people from all faiths, religions and cultures. Prayer sometimes doesn’t remove the negative energy, our advanced channelers go above and beyond to remove that energy. 

Our spiritual mediums will work with you to understand your physical ailments and provide the right power tools to make sure to can begin manifesting your perfect life!

Check out some of my YouTube Videos below to see how I work with clients on a daily basis:

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