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Generational Curse: Embracing, Breaking, Destroying

Breaking a generational curse is not for the weak.

It requires an immense strength of the mind, body and spirit.

What do I mean by a Generational Curse?

This can be karma accumulated from one line to another, and/or negativity that transmits from one generation to another.

This requires removal from the root. Not the branches.

So often you will find Healers cut off the 'branches'. This is a temporary fix.

We can call it Medicine for the negative energy. Short term fixes. Yes, it provides healing.

But does it resolve the issue?

Do we want life in a constant short term fix?

When you are removing a generational curse, you need a surgeon.

It requires identifying where the source of the energy is coming from and destroying it from the root.

Psychics and Healers all have their specialism areas.

Mediums have different technical abilities, the same applies to Healers.

Affirm to the Universe to draw in the right healer for you for your situation.

After all, we are all connected via energy.

The Universe will place the right person on your path, when you know what you are asking for. That's where knowledge comes.

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