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Psychic: Love & Dating.

Growing up from 18yrs, I remember friends telling me to date for the 'experience'.

"How do you know what you want Annie, if you do not date".... oh, that is very 3D thinking!

I knew from a very young age, that spiritually and energetically, having too many partners was not good for the soul. But how do you explain that to those who were not spiritually awakened?!

I knew I had to be energetically ready & have no other 'energetic' baggage, when seeking that commitment, harmonious connection.

When you come from a place of insecurities and the more you push for that love connection being in that negative state, it will come slowly yes,

but when you do meet and enter in the relationship...guess what, it does not work out!

& that's what I saw growing up.

The whole idea is to get your self concept right.

If a woman is chasing the man, her self concept is not right.

If you are following the crowd, your self concept is not right.

If you seek validations, your self concept is not right.

The purpose of Spiritual Guidance from a really good Psychic Medium within love & relationships is to evolve you spiritually & energetically within a deeper, advanced state.

Being spiritually smart is looking at everyone around you energetically and knowing that the more inner work one does, reprogramming their self concept, the better the outcome!

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