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Narcissists vs. Empaths

Empaths are "emotional sponges" and Narcissists are "vampires", they suck out energy. They leave the empaths in a delicate state.

"Researchers have discovered a specialized group of brain cells that are responsible for compassion. These cells enable everyone to mirror emotions, to share another person’s pain, fear, or joy. Because empaths are thought to have hyperresponsive mirror neurons, they deeply resonate with other people’s feelings". - trainerslibraryorg

Narcissists see 'someone who will fulfil their every need in a selfless way'. Lindsey Dodgson Jan 2016

Be it for a career ladder, in money gain, in status, in relationships etc.

I personally keep away from Narcissists. I shorten such lessons from when they appear.

Lee Harris on youtube - his work on Narcissists vs. Empaths is amazing!

That's a must listen.

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