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Karma: in Manifestations. The things you should know!

"A woman with a strong personal will, wished she owned a house by a male acquaintance. She made those mental pictures of herself residing in that house.

Over time, the man died and she moved into that house.

Her desire was so strong that everything made wave for it, but she paid her karmic debt.

Her husband whom she loved, died shortly after and the house was empty in her hands.

The woman should have affirmed;

"Infinite intelligence, give me the right house, equally as charming as this. The house which is mine by divine right".

Belief in Divine selection brings perfect selection.

If your desire is not directed in right channels, it results in living in karma as per the outline told by Florence Shinn her great writing of "The Game of Life".

You can manifest anything you want, but learn how to manifest without living in bad karma as a result of it.

Manifestations is not just about what you affirm...

its evolving as spiritual dimensional beings, aligned to all Universal Spiritual Laws & understand you can manifest outcomes that brings joy, peace, happiness, good wealth etc

Florence Shinn 1925.

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