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Healers: Every healer's hand is not the same

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

No hand carries the same level of Healing power. The power of a healing hand varies from one person to another.

Every Medium carries a different level of healing power.

I call it power, because it is energy accumulated and granted by the Divine.

There are Mediums who can utilise healing abilities and psychic power as a combination. Some work with either or.

This is not Reiki healing. This type of healing is holding a high level of Divine Spiritual entity power, which is then pushed out as Divine Spiritual healing to ones body.

Energy transmits. Therefore one has to believe in healing in order to receive it to their body.

When healing is pushed out to ones physical body and spirit, the person has to be in a positive mindset to receive energetically, else it can bounce back.

When healing is sent, it is received to the mind, body and soul.

It allows the mind, body and soul to be aligned and when it is aligned, the energy is then aligned to the Universe.

Never underestimate the power of healing.

Remember divine energies are there to heal, guide & support you during your physical & spiritual journey. They have a higher purpose, calling for you, far beyond your imagination.

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