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Energy; Negative energy - what do we mean?

We are all Spiritual Beings - regardless of Religion.

We have a soul, which is our energy that is connected to the Divine/God/Universe.

And we have our auric field. Our protection bubble.

Being Religious does not mean you cannot be smart about your energy or spiritual growth.

Because you are always co-creating your reality with the Universe/God/Divine.

When people have a shattered 'auric field' and a soul frequency below 100hq.

These are people with a 'negative energy'.

You see, overtime, the encounters we have with other energies takes an impact on our own energy.

For example; have you ever went food shopping and felt so hungry or tired after?

Well, naturally our energy rubs off another and yes we may get drained.

This is called Spirituality.

Awareness of where, how & why energy gets impacted.

Being Spiritually Smart means;

Keeping our energy safe...

Investing in our energy...

Because what radiates out, is what is within.

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