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Destiny; When 2 Spiritual Souls come together

I was 16yrs old watching my parents wedding film & I remember asking my grandmother,

"what makes a perfect marriage?

She explained to me there was no such thing as a perfect marriage, but to only seek a spiritual one.

I asked her "what do you mean?"

She explained to me,

"each soul has its own destiny, but when that soul is joined to its spiritual soul partner, who also carries good destiny, the destiny pathway blossoms in abundance, prosperity, wealth, health, joy.

Two spiritual souls joining together under the divine vows or prayers receive strength through Divine Blessings, in their connections".

You can overcome every hardship, challenge or obstacle you both face by the strength of the connection for Marriage is a divine blessing of the 2 souls.

Dad & Mom

Grandad & Grandmom

Greatgrandad & GreatGrandma

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