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Being Spiritually Healthy is just as important

Are we Spiritually healthy? How much do we invest in our spiritual levels? How much do we pay attention to our energy levels?

Spiritual levels means soul frequency, vibration levels and most importantly, the auric field.

The auric field has 14 layers and it is the biggest shield protection that can bounce off negativity or if the auric field is weak, negativity is absorbed in.

Now obviously sexual energy transfer penetrates right through, it does not go through auric field layers.

So depending on how "spiritually healthy" the person is of whom we take that sexual energy from, that can also potentially cause "cracks" in our auric field.

Either way, once negativity energy penetrates through it can affect the mind and physical body over time.

Your soul is energy. Energy has frequency.

A soul frequency can reach the highest level of 997 hq and the lowest is below 200 hq.

Energy frequency of below 200 hq can cause disruption to the mind and body. You are talking about carrying a low energy level.

In India I know when one is medicinal ill, they seek spiritual healers who can boost their spiritual levels, to support them energetically overcome such illness.

It's not a cure, but it's a strength boost of energy.

I remember during my Father's cancer treatments, we, as healers constantly sent a lot of healing energetically to give him the energetic strength.

Spiritualist Churches in England have whats called a Healing Book.

Either way its the same concept.

Remember, The Mind, Body AND Soul is all linked.

There is Mind and Body coaching but don't forget about the Soul - the core essence of our energy.

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