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Remote Viewing - What is it?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

When someone is in their semi-conscious trance state, their spirit travels and is shown certain visuals which can be places, people, objects using their psychic senses.

- that is called "Remote" viewing.

I remember when I was in New York in 2018 and I was almost in a semi-conscious state.

As I slightly opened my eyes I caught a glimpse of my grandmother physically standing there.

The next day when I was speaking to my grandmother, I told her, 'you came into my dream'. She laughed and simply told me 'No, I was there, I was worried about you and was checking up on you, to see if you were OK'.

So, naturally, I was like, 'no way, prove it'

Then she describes accurately how my bed was positioned, without having seen my place!

From then on I remained cautious of my mischiefs!

I would always think 'Oh no, granny will know'!

Remote viewing abilities are used in different ways.

In this example, before my Granny went to sleep she was worried about me, so her spirit travelled to see me and with her natural mediumship ability she is able to recall where her spirit goes.

People may not know where their spirit, soul, travels when they sleep.

Therefore before sleeping it is important to remain in a calm, relaxed, meditative state. Offer a prayer up to keep connected to the Universe.

Don't allow anything to sit in your subconscious that will disturb your spirit.

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