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Being controlled is so soulfully wrong!

"Taking internal control means keeping the keys to your happiness in your own hands"

-Raj Raghunathan Sep 28, 2016

To be controlled is like being a puppet. That is against all Universal Laws. That is against mother nature. What is essentially happening is, the energy is no longer yours.

And if your energy is your life force, whose life are you living in? Whose energy are you living in?

The universe placed me in a situation a few weeks ago for work purposes, where I broke down in tears, unknowingly at that time, why I was crying. I never realised how big the big apple is.

It was a controlling environment which most people can relate to when it comes to work situations. But when you fully return into your own energy space, you ground yourself and talking from personal experience, you can immediately see where this suffocating energy is coming from.

I often look back and think, ‘wow’, imagined if I was not 'spiritually awake', imagined if I actually thought it was normal to be controlled the way I was. Relationships, work, friendships, family.

It would ruin anything potential coming on my path ahead.

It would keep me closed off.

It would prevent me from my destined soul path!

But I learnt this for a bigger reason.

Upon my return I was continuing my healing work and the common theme with clients was ‘Being Controlled’!

My guides are my biggest protectors and I thank them for shortening this lesson for me.

Souls can become damaged through their own traumas, meaning their energy is damaged, so at times they will inflict that damage onto others, either knowingly or unknowingly.

But what you need to realise, each soul has its own karmic cycle to filter through.

What you cannot do is carry an energy, where karmically it is not yours to carry.

My healing prayer on the Full Moon is to truly pray for those to become awakened.

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