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With great power, comes great responsibility

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

It can be both a blessing and a curse to have a gift of power of being able to subconsciously, be at two dimensions; the physical and the spiritual.

Every Medium is different. They each have different layers as to which spiritual dimension they step within.

We have those Mediums who can connect to loved ones in spirit and those Mediums who can connect to higher spiritual entities.

Whichever connection a Medium has they must carry a level of responsibility, accountability, morals and integrity.

Why are we gifted with such Spidey Senses!

It's simple. We are here to guide you to help you spiritually evolve and heal you as light workers.

A medium never "contacts the dead". Our loved ones know when to turn up and when to step in to give guidance.

Spirituality is not Religion.

Spirituality is an awareness, that everything happening around us, is part of a spiritual experience.

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