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Leaving a Legacy behind

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

As we hit a certain age in our lives this concept of "leaving a legacy behind" will come in the forefront of our minds.

Leaving a legacy behind is all about what have you done to serve humanity. It can be through music, sport, entertainment, or being a father. Whichever way you serve and help people, particularly the next generation, that is humanitarian work.

Everyone has a soul agenda here on earth. The Universe assigns you a role and when you take away the personality, the ego and the character through meditation, ("the stillness of the mind') you will recognise what your soul calling is.

Remember, your soul knows you far better than you know yourself.

When my father was diagnosed with his illness, he realised time was against him. But he recognised that the legacy he left behind was his children and it was the preparation he instilled in us, that would enable us to move forward during our physical time here on earth.

I remember telling my father I was going to embrace the healing energies, that channel through me, with the intent to serve humanity. He smiled, as he was first hand experiencing me as a healer and not as a daughter.

There is no man who has control over the time we have here physically.

That is all divinely and spiritually orchestrated.

Once you fulfil your assigned soul agenda your soul will know when it is time to depart from its human body.

Never be afraid.

Leave YOUR legacy behind.

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