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What an extraordinary experience, India 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I was cordially invited to meet and greet the well renowned Mediums from South India, as well as paying my respects to some of the most magical, spiritual places in India.

They say, everyone has a timing of when their soul experiences such divine bliss and for me, it certainly was.

I was invited to a temple of healing in Banglore called; Adi ParaShakti.

Adi ParaShakti is a Universal Goddess.

She represents that a mother is a mother to all souls.

She gives birth to life, she nurtures, she is the power beyond any limit or any man.

When she is appeased by devotion, she performs miracles.

When she is angry, she does not spare.

As I was blessed with her flowers around my neck and in my hands, I quietly did a prayer to the Universal Goddess;

"The souls that enter your temple with their pure intent & loving devotion, please grant their wishes"

I sat and watched them all, one by one, lining up, bowing their heads, closing their eyes, seeking their wishes.

As people lined up to greet me, I was delighted as I wanted to hear their stories. Some shared the various miracles that occurred in this temple.

I asked one gentlemen, what do you ask for. He said,

"it is not the practical world I am seeking, but rather it is the blessing of being able to experience the energy of the Universal Goddess, while I am physically here on Earth"

I smiled and pulled off a flower from my neck, of which I placed in his hands.

When a place has such healing abilities, it has a bright shining light where the energies draw out and hit the ground. That is the white light of healing which connects to a divinely channel. Every sacred place that is built is constructed carefully and spiritually.

Everyone cannot see it, but if you enter in a spiritual place, and feel this energy, count yourself very blessed.

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