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Welcome to the Holy Land

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

As you land in Amritsar, Punjab, India there is a sign at the airport that says,

''Welcome to the Holy Land''.

The soil of India has its own power. The places of worship all carry a divinely blessed energy, that where one goes and quietens the mind, connecting with a pure heart, they can feel bliss and healing.

I have travelled and visited many shrines and experienced many spiritual phenomenons. Whether it is the water that surrounds Amritsar temple or the vibrational prayer times at the temple shrines up in the Himalayas or the monkeys who guard temples. Let's not forget the random encounters of cobras!

Many spiritual saints once walked foot on the soil of India. Regardless of their religion, they were divinely spiritual and possessed healing abilities. Shrines we see built on farm lands were their meditation spots.

People go on a weekly basis to light a candle, offer mustard oil in this candle, take flowers, clean, meditate and take sweets which is then distributed locally.

The east part of the world is a place to explore.

Wherever you are drawn to, always go.

It may just be part of your journey of evolving and connecting to the Universe, as a spiritual being!

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