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Those funny, spiritual experiences!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I remember waking up around 5am looking down the staircase.

I had this excitement brewing up inside.

I randomly started playing some divinely music in my room and I was dancing around.

I ran into my grandparents room waking them both up.

I tell them our divine avatar guide was coming to bestow his presence.

My grandfather says, this girl has gone crazy!

My grandmother snuggles me up to her and smiles. She whispers to me that the divine energy had already been and gone.

The next day I watched my gran make a sweet dough bread.

She leaves it in her special place where she lights a deva and tells me not to touch it.

Hours later when she lifts the lid off a small sized hand is printed on the sweet dish.

In the eastern culture that was recognised as a spiritual blessing.

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