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Snatching time.

I was 14yrs old when a healer taught me to not allow anyone snatch me of time.

What that means is people will come and go but the amount of time they spend with us is the important part. Either they evolve us or they hold us back.

Pay attention to the emotional triggers when someone does hold you back.

When you do not pay attention to your emotions, it will display on your physical body.

It could be as small as a body ache, a headache or as extreme as an illness.

Imagine it as a spiritual rope tied around you as you are next to this person. Any angle you turn they hold you using the rope, essentially 'holding you back'.

When you invest the time to work on yourself spiritually & energetically, you will begin to create a sense of just how valuable energy is and you will start to think differently.

Have boundaries. In family, friends, romantic relationships, colleagues, partners.

It is actually spiritually healthy!

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