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Skeptics have no room for Spiritual Growth

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

If you think of Spirituality as an experience, since it is related to energy, it cannot be explained. Only felt.

When I see a skeptics energy, I describe the energy as 'closed off'. Therefore, how will they allow room for spiritual experiences?

Connecting to loved ones in spirit is an experience for the person.

I have had people feel the energy of their loved ones sit right next to them or they felt a simple touch on their hand.

They were able to experience these sensations because they were open with their energies at the time of the consultations.

It is the same concept of how I have to open my energy for the loved ones energies to enter, for me to channel what comes through.

Our loved ones in spirit cannot stay for too long at our vibration level because they operate at a higher frequency.

But remember this, skeptic or no skeptic, they are ALWAYS with you...

Connected through your Love.

Connected through your Soul.

Connected through your Energy.

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