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Rejections: Lesson behind the blessing

They don't always get it right...

Simon Cowell is a great example of someone who rejected those who later went on to become stars. Spice girls, Britney Spears, Tory Kelly...


You have to believe the Universe/God/Divine has a bigger plan for you

& although we may see from our naked eye that certain people are the route in, that is not always the case.

You will get forced into an energy where you have to open your 3rd eye, looking from a spiritual, energetic perspective that the people aligned to your success are not necessarily who you see them to be.

Fully believe in the Universe that you will be aligned to the souls right for you on your soul pathway.

Some souls come in as lessons and some blessings.

But on the pathway of lessons, don't forget to consider, what the blessing was BEHIND the lesson.

Have a great Fri - yay!

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