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Intuition: You cannot learn to be Psychic

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

A Medium holds different technical abilities based upon how evolved their soul is. Most common is Emotional, Mental.

But the rare type is Physical - seance, trance level.

You cannot learn to become Psychic, there is no such thing. You can develop your intuition & your senses yes to connect with energy - but that does not mean you are Psychic. This is common misconception of the Psychic & Mediumship Industry.

For example; there is a huge difference in being Clairvoyant (clear sight seeing) and being Psychic.

Being a Medium Psychic is the ability to open yourself as a vessel portal between the physical & spiritual realm, far beyond tapping into your senses, and if one does not hold such energy naturally for that, it can be deemed as quite dangerous and come with many challenges.

Building your intuition and one of your senses - be it see, hear, know, feel; is a great way to strengthen you spirituality from within.

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