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Power of Prayer, Belief & Surrender

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

My Grandma says to me

"when we pray, or the people whom pray for us, we have to believe.

Because it is through belief, that you will see the Power of Prayer"

Everyone has a connection to the Universe/God/Divine.

When you pray with belief and have those people who pray for you with belief, how powerful must that prayer be? Multiple prayers to the Universe/God/Divine.

I was praying for healing for my father's transition to spirit and at the same time I had many other healers do the same.

It was through that prayer I was happy when my father experienced his first Mediumship encounter, because his soul, while he was physically here on earth, was connecting to our divine energies and the loved ones in spirit.

That was the result of the Power of Prayer.

"Before God blesses you he tests your faith and that faith is tested through various scenarios, people, situations or events. Always have belief.

- Annie's Grandmother

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