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Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Some men and women do not like to be alone. Or who cannot do well, being alone. They need a relationship.

I totally understand, sometimes I have said to the Universe why am I alone?

Then I get a sign through a reading where the guy is experiencing Passive Aggressive Behaviour in his karmic relationship. But he is not able to see it.

My guides delivered in a way where it caused an awakening within himself. It can e validations of events, scenarios.

So, what is Passive Aggressive Behaviour? It is where one finds weakness in you, it is indirectly knocking your confidence in the disguise that they know better.

It is a type of behaviour you receive where you are forced to bring out the EGO in you and you begin to change energetically.

A relationship/connection that has EGO, "Edged God Out", does not last.

So in the answer of when I ask the Universe, "why am I alone", it is actually a Blessing.

I much prefer to be in my higher energy frequency state, than in a passive aggressive behaviour environment which brings your frequency down.

I AM claiming to the Universe that I deserve spiritual JOY!

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