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My Father's transition to spirit

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

My grandparents are spiritually blessed through our ancestral divinely serving, which they have continued on during their physical time here on earth.

One of their soul agendas they were assigned to do together was to build a temple of serving.

This is our biggest wealth - not the materialism.

Because spiritually, being able to build a temple in India is recognised as the biggest spiritual blessing of all.

I never knew my father's grandmother; my great gran, but she is one of my biggest guides here on earth. When she appears in her spiritual form she always has something to validate!

My great gran came into my dream two weeks prior to my fathers passing to tell me it was time and the events thereafter was all divinely orchestrated and that there was work to be done on a spiritual level.

I couldn't understand completely. But when my father's sister transitioned after, following my father's passing - I understood.

Weeks before my father's transition he was becoming sensitive to spirit. He felt touches on his physical body where he was having pains, almost like a massage feeling as he described it. He had flashback childhood memories in his dreams.

Our ancestral loved ones in spirit were gathering around and was what was astonishing was that my gran and I validated this together.

My father felt at ease that his dreams were being validated by me and my gran. And that the transition to spirit was not one to be feared.

On the day of my father's passing I woke up and instantly knew it was the day. I offered a prayer up and told spirit to be right with him. I received a call from a healer in India and he confirmed it was the day. A divinely prayer was going to begin.

When my granny held my fathers hand, all I could see was a bright light energy surrounding her and when my father opens his eyes and looks at his mother for the last time, I see a flash of the divine goddess spiritual form overshadowing my granny. Wow!

Once we transition to spirit, our soul gets healed, rejuvenated & cleansed.

Our loved ones in spirit greet us before we are summoned at the Lords Court.

Good and bad deeds are called out.

This world is just a mere illusion.

It is a physical life. but it is not the end.

It's always the beginning...

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