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My 1st encounter with a Spiritual Master

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In 2017 I visited Mexico, shopping in an area full of tourists.

I heard a man blow a conch and it made me stop in my tracks. The conch was the largest I ever seen.

I turned back went to the elderly man who standing outside the store and asked to hold the conch. When I held it, I smiled and said I wanted it, and so happily forked over the $20.

When I went back to England, I was so excited to show my grandmother what I had found. She told me off, she said 'the home was no place for this item & it belongs in a temple'. So I hid it away hoping she would not find it.

2 years later, I went on my first visit to Bangalore. I secretly packed the conch in my suitcase looking over my shoulder the whole time.

As we took in the sights I kept the conch hidden in the bag that I carried with me.

I was sitting in a room full of Indian Healers talking amongst themselves in Telugu (their native language). Everyone was dressed similarly in all white.

Because I could not speak Telugu, I told his son, (who spoke English) that I wanted to gift him.

I pulled out the conch that was wrapped up in newspaper. Now that I pulled it out, I was caught by my grandmother but I felt so firmly that this belonged to him that I did not care. I gave it to him saying, "Out of everyone, this is for you".

He opened it and was so ecstatic!

He explained that he had been searching for a large conch.

He never told anyone, not even his own son and he kept the wish of finding one in his heart.

One of the men in white looked confused and asked me 'why I had chosen this particular man to gift'.

I said, "I can see who he is. He is a Spiritual Master".

This conch remains in his temple. At the end of his prayer he blows the conch. He tells me to this day, he always thinks of me when he does.

Conch is a symbolic representation of Good over Evil.

The sound it makes radiates a positive vibration.

Positive vibration is healing.

The Spiritual Master Healer and I both gained healing from our interaction.

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