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Music & Spirit

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Spirit gives me messages through music. A lyric or a beat makes me feel a certain way. In fact, I have accurately described situations, events, people through musical lyrics which can be quite entertaining for the sitter!

I do love it when I make them laugh, as I know at the same, they are being healed.

Clairaudience is a psychic ability meaning to hear spirit. To expand this skill my spirit guides have had me listen to the beat of music and the lyrics to channel through spirit communication.

If it is in your spiritual agenda to be an artist, you are spiritually assigned those artist guides.

I read for an artist and I connected through the energies of the production team, I validated a lady's name, her features, personality who was spiritually guided to put those elements together on the project.

I made him understand that choosing the right team in any project you do is so energetically important.

It can make it or break it!

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