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Mother & Son...Souls that come into the physical

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

When I was channeling for a gentlemen, he had a troublesome relationship with his mother.

It was always showing up as a strain, energetically, on the cord they shared. She was so controlling, toxic and vile with her words but he was so pure in his energy.

When I finished the session, I sat in meditation and asked my guides, why do I not see the same, warmth, healing relationship as I had with my father. ( a bit naive of me!)

& I grasped that the soul chooses its parents for many different reasons.

Say for example, if the mother did bad karma to other people, the soul that chose her as the mother will evolve to perhaps teach her the same lesson, if she did not learn in time. Or both chose each other to settle their karmic debt.

It is based upon our deeds good or bad, past karmic cycles, or the lessons to learn during our physical time here, that play a role as to which soul, good or bad, you bring into this world.

My gran used to tell me how she prayed and served the Mother Goddess, when she first arrived in England in 1950's asking for strength, healing and courage to overcome the hurdles she did spiritually.

As I grew older, little did I know, that I became that source of healing for her, particularly when overcoming the loss of her two children.

God works in mysterious ways.

The soul is already pre-orchestrated & destined for you.

Like they say, you are writing your destiny by your actions.

That includes, perhaps, the soul that is choosing you up above.

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