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They messaged: through telepathy & pure intent ❤️

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

I did this simple exercise on Feb 12th 2023 and thanked the Universe for when I connected to someone after 3yrs, to know they are indeed safe.

On a daily basis I radiate out love to all those I am connected to. (including spirit, divine realms and animal kingdom).

....Even if there has been a distance in physical communication or geographically.

and I must admit... it can get frustrated at times, but that's the part of you that needs to evolve.... that when we radiate out love, we should not expect it back from a specific person....instead, we should be open to how we may receive it from the Universe.

Love is powerful, when it is channeled in its right way and within the parameters of spiritual laws.

There is no spiritual being that anyone has a hold over.

Anything you radiate out, is granted by Universe, God, Divine and what comes back can either be your lesson or blessing. It's all about the intent.

So intend to send out love and be open to how you may receive it back....

The Universe takes care of you.


Place your hand in the image below.

Close your eyes.

Pay attention to the rhythm of your breath.

Bring the person to your minds eye and imagine them smiling.

Then build a green/pink colour up visualising the colour around their energy field.

Bring your awareness back into the room.

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