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Everyone is Equal

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I sometimes wonder why some people believe they are superior than others.

God, Universe, Divine does not do that with us, so why do these people do it.

Why cannot we be humble.

Surely we get the sustainable fruits and abundance from the Divine, Universe and not from a place of ego? because EGO means you Edge God Out.

I was bullied when I was 15yrs old, because of my hair. It was curly and frizzy.

My grandmother would emotionally pick me up and explain to me,

'Those who carry themselves as superior, have no room for God, therefore they will become lost within themselves.

For there is no man above any other, it's impossible.

Even the great kings were all answerable to a higher force'.

So from that day onwards I carried the strength of the Universe on my back.

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