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Ego. The ruins of mankind.

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

God, Lord, Divine, Universe whatever your belief system is, it is all an infinite, intelligence divine light where every soul has the capability to connect.

When someone has EGO, they have no room for God.

Because they have ''Edged God Out''.

If a person believes their status, money, power, position is what truly matters then they are the fool. How can they be spiritual beings? What is their moral compass? What do they see as humane?

Rich or Poor. Status or no status. All is equal. All is one. We are spiritual beings who come into this earth and will leave this earth with nothing.

One who has no EGO is a peaceful, content, joyful, fruitful person. One can be a wealthy monetary person without EGO.

Do not think you can destroy anyones EGO.

As per the Universal Law of Cause & Effect, when bad karma strikes to an egoistic person, the only way they can ease their karmic effect is when they turn to the Divine and surrender.

All you can do is send a positive thought that their bad karma is not too severe.

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