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Coaching & Celebrity; As a Psychic

You probably wondering how do I utilise my abilities as a Psychic within Coaching. Particularly now I have secured celebrity list clients to work with.

Everything starts from Energy and I work with those, exclusively, who want to put the work into their energy!

People think they know 'Mediumship' but do they really know 'Mediumship'?!

It's Healing but every Medium has different level ability.

I've been described as the "Whitney Houston" "Mariah Carey" within the Psychic Industry simply because of the purity of my channelling and ability to work on a much advanced level at such a young age.

So I decided to incorporate this within the Coaching Industry.

In everyones career, at some point, whether they reach the riches, fame, status, financial goals etc, there will come a time in that person's life, where the Universe will want more of Spirituality/Humanitarian work.

I use my abilities in many different ways within Coaching and that's what I will be sharing, showcasing & most of all educating, just how amazing the energy of a Healer can actually do in ones corporation and on an individual basis.

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