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Breath work is important... And so powerful.

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Meditation is equally important to invest in, as well as manifesting.

We are able to use some level of our divine auric energy to clear out ‘bad smoke’.

Bad smoke is all energy transfer from other people, other souls, basically energy that is not yours.

When you manifest, you have to sit in your own energy in 100%. Not sitting in your energy for example, at 70%.

BUT, when breath work is carried out with a channeller - that is a whole different experience!

I remembered when I sat with a Healer Medium in India, and as we were carrying out breath work together, I could see and feel the energy ball that was being held by him through my gift of clairvoyance.

Just how at times I can see an aura colour or dust particles!!

So remember, invest from within. Let the energy flow from within correctly, before we radiate it out, i.e. manifest it out.

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