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Boxing, Breathing, Behaviour

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Since I was 16yrs old, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA has really strengthened the core ability of my spirituality.

It taught me discipline, patience and most of all, breathing.

Yup. Breathing is one thing we are in control of. I am able to manage my emotions, mood, mental wellbeing through the spiritual link of breathing.

As we get older, life can get challenging. It's part of shaping us who we are. But the sport of Boxing for me, was a life changing turning point for me. My energy just changed. The way I walked, talked, the knowing of how much energy to put towards something, this was all shaped by my boxing journey.

When my father was in his last few months physically here on earth, he encouraged me to go to the gym, hit a boxing session and in those moments I would somewhat find some peace. It regressed me back to when I was training in my teens and I felt happy.

Never underestimate what the power of Boxing can do for you, both spiritually and energetically.

I miss you Dad x

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