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Are you in a Spiritual Love or Karmic energy connection?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A spiritual connection is one where there is a soul pathway for both of you, where you are both assigned an agenda which you walk together. This agenda is not set by our family, friends, relatives. This agenda is divinely orchestrated. You could almost call it like a ''Power Couple''.

Unfortunately, with the nature of mankind and everything we have around us, it can become about want what we want or what we get out of it.

Anything you do to keep a connection sustained, from a place of being selfish, attached, greed, lust, ego, these connections do not last. Because the divine/universe bounces it right back.

Karmic energies in a romantic relationship can work out if you both spiritually, actively working through Law of attraction together.

When you are in and out of karmic energies you have to acknowledge the energy exchange you take from it.

It takes you longer to retrieve your own energy. Thats why people call it the ''healing stage''.

The foundation of having full abundance in every area of your life, is your level of spirituality. How much do you invest in your own spiritual growth?

How quickly do you identify and learn from lessons?

There are ethical Astrologers who are gifted to examine birth charts or higher level mediums with the gifts to tap into akashic spiritual records. If you were to see spiritual advice.

Always have the intent of seeking your spiritual partner not a karmic one.

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