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Understanding Mediumship

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Mediumship is the bridge between the spirit and earth realm. Whether we have loved ones in spirit or not, spirit is always around us.

Everyone has a spirit guide, they guide us. Because I truly believe each and everyone of us have a soul agenda and we are here to evolve.

When we loose our physical bodies, our souls enter into the spiritual realm. Our soul continues to evolve.

Mediumship is all about healing of the souls both in spiritual realm and physical.

A lot of skeptics would say, 'leave the dead to the dead, why would you communion with the dead'. But, what exactly dies?

It is our physical body.

Our soul lives on.

Soul is energy. You cannot destroy energy.

Mediumship is not gloom and doom. It is a gift. It is assigned to a soul before birth.

In some occasions the gift is "activated" for when the Divine/Universe feels you are ready. One goes through a tribal of events that test their spirituality, personality, character, values, morals and ethics.

Healers in India are born gifted through an ancestral link. This gives them an extra layer of protection within channeling. They turn people away when they want to learn mediumship because they believe ultimately it is not a skill that is 'learnt'.

The most theme within Mediumship is connecting to loved ones in spirit. But there are levels within Mediumship. Physical and Emotional Mediumship yes is the rarest form.

We can use mediumship abilities in so much ways.

Coaching, Meditations, Visualisations, Manifestations... the list is so long!

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