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Healing: Soul Frequency Vibration & Auric Field

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

What is Soul Frequency Vibration work?

Your soul is energy and it carries a frequency vibration level.

Manifestations happen at a higher soul vibrational level.

Every month it naturally goes up to 1 or 2hq but soul frequency work is a fast track process to raising your vibrational level within the body.

The average soul frequency is around 200 hq & the highest the soul frequency level can go to 997 hq.

How does this work?

Using my technical healing ability, I raise the soul frequency in 2 stages.

In addition I repair the auric field and place protection around it.

Imagine it as a balloon. Anything negative energetically, bounces off.

This is an one off healing purchase.

How long does it take?

On average it takes 3 days, at times 4/5 /7 days. It is healing work that happens behind the scenes and comes with instructions of what you should/should not do during the healing stage. For example; you cannot watch horror, porn and you have to stay hydrated and rested.

Do I have to keep getting my soul frequency healing work done?

No. It is an one time investment for yourself. Once you understand just how precious energy exchange is, you'll be selective as to whom you entertain!

What causes our soul frequency level to drop?

Mainly - other energies.

Whether they are physically here or Earth Bound Spirits (spirits that do not cross over)

Auric Field repair & protection?

Your spiritual framework carries an aura. The aura has 14 layers. The stronger your aura, the less likely you are to experience spiritual attacks. Remember spiritual attacks are not always from a spiritual plane, it can be physical and they usually attack those with a weak aura.

Is this like Reiki?

This is no way near Reiki. Reiki is healing of the mind and trauma. When it comes to the soul healing, it is very niche and only a few mediums in the world have such ability within this work.

70% are scammers, so be careful.

Understand your spiritual framework.

ASK the questions.

Be spiritually smart.

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