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Aura. Vibration: Understand just how powerful it is with Manifestations!

Have you ever felt the energy of someone when they walk into a room?

Or you experience passive aggressiveness and want to energetically understand why?

Imagine an onion with its layers. Its the same concept with your aura, it has 14 layers.

The aura is an energy field that protects you. It's job is to bounce off negativity and attract in everything you send out in terms of manifesting.

It is our job to keep it clean, why? Spiritual Laws.

When someone radiates out a low frequency towards a person, rooted deep within their auric layers, usually common in the form of passive aggressiveness, to someone with a strong aura, it bounces right back to them.

The person who radiates out low frequency will always feel uncomfortable.

Everyone has heard of Reiki. But that deals with the outer layer of the aura.

If there are issues displayed from trauma, neglect, abuse etc. those are rooted deep within.

If that energy remains within your aura, most likely, you won't carry a strong vibration frequency within the body & that does affect manifestations.

You'll find Manifestations won't stick.

You can find out more about my ability to raise the vibration and the meditative healing work I carry out.

Just imagine how strong I have to be all rounded, spiritually. 😊

A Psychic Mindset, Limitless, Manifestation Coach

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