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7 Ways on How to Raise Your Vibration at Home

What if I told you, you have the power to raise your soul vibration at home through spiritual practices? Read on to discover 7 ways on how you can do this at home.

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Everything in the universe is vibrational frequency and energy. Through each of our bodies, vibrational energy is running and constantly moving. But if your frequency energy is low, this may be impacting your life and soul vibrations! If you have a low soul vibration, this can affect your journey of manifestation, your relationships around you and even affect your mental health.

Let's look into 7 ways how you can raise your soul vibration from being at home:


1. Meditation 

Meditation is a great way to increase your energy fields which releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. These transmitters are associated with happiness and can release a new level of calmness. 

Whether you're listening to religious prayers, meditating in nature, or following a guided meditation tape, if you're trying to practice meditation, this is the first step to increasing positive vibrations and can help raise your vibrational frequency. 


2. Unplug from socials

Using social media constantly can be draining and can detach you from reality. By unplugging from social media and your phone, you can take time out to look after your vibrational energy instead of just scrolling through social media!

Did you know that all electronic devices emit EMFs, which are electromagnetic frequencies that can negatively impact your physical well-being? Try detoxing from social media for at least one hour a day and gradually increase this.


3. Practice gratitude 

The best way to achieve higher vibrations within yourself is to practice gratitude and be grateful for your human life!

Gratitude Journal

There are so many things to be grateful for: your health, your home, your family, your partner, and your experiences. By channelling gratitude, you will automatically open a higher frequency of positive feelings, which will help fuel your soul. Gratitude helps you become aware of all the good things going on in your life and helps you focus on what you have rather than what you don't have.

You can write down things you're grateful for or even say them out loud; "I am grateful for my family" "I'm grateful for my job" etc.


4. Self Care

Look after yourself! 

Self care is so important especially with all the stresses going on in the world today, so look after yourself and your soul. Self care can be anything that makes you happy from reading, showering or eating your favourite dessert to watching a TV programme, visiting family or even meditating. By practicing self care, you're fuelling your soul and its spiritual vibration to become higher. 

By looking after yourself, you'll experience more positive emotions and work towards becoming the best version of yourself!


5. Affirmations 

Affirmations are positive statements which can be repeated in your daily life as a way to attract more positive thinking, higher vibrations and is known as a practice of manifestation. 

Make your affirmations work for you and the dreams you want to achieve in your life. Whether it's more money, happiness, love, success or health, positive affirmations can help with increasing your confidence, allowing you to connect with your soul's desires.



6. Grounding Yourself

Also known as earthing, grounding yourself is the perfect way to raise your soul vibration as you're connecting with Mother Nature! Grounding involves connecting your body to the Earth's electrical currency. 

Walking barefoot on earth

This can be done by walking on the grass, walking in water, or even lying on grass. It's a technique that has been used for many years and has been proven in many studies to offer significant benefits. 


7. Be aware of your thoughts

Our thoughts create and fuel frequency, so essentially, your thoughts create your reality. This is the basic teaching of the law of attraction, and releasing how powerful your thoughts are can automatically increase your soul vibrations. 

Buddha once said, "The mind is everything. What you think you become" This doesn't mean that you can never feel negative emotions such as anger, hurt, guilt or jealousy. But it's important to understand that everything is temporary, especially the negative emotions you receive from certain situations. You can slowly create thoughts of happiness, patience, self-compassion and love, but always remember to be aware of your thoughts because they create your reality.



Take Your Soul Vibrations to The Next Level

Did you know that raising your soul vibrations at home isn’t enough…

Raising your soul vibration spiritually

Our team of advanced technical channelers, psychics and mediums will work with you so you're able to achieve the highest form of vibrations through your soul. There are only a few technical Mediums which have such spiritual abilities to raise one's soul vibrations. It is a one-time energy work investment, raised in 3 stages: 997hq is the highest vibration your body can hold.

- 549hq

- 749hq

- 997hq

Each stage will help you slowly raise your vibration over six weeks of working together. From the time you are born to now, your soul's vibrations can decline, whether it's through other people's negative energy, food, lack of exercise, trauma, etc. 

Remember, the higher your soul vibration, the easier it'll become to manifest your dreams.

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