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Birth Chart Document

In the eastern culture, a Birth Chart document is considered as a sacred document.

It outlines many energy insights about you & your generational line. 

It's also used for dating relationships and matrimonial matches!


The Birth Chart Document is a complex, technical one to understand. However, this is put together by a Top Professional who lectures globally, around Astrology, Birth Charts, Horoscopes & is also an advanced Spiritual Master, Psychic!


If you need a session to go through your document at a later date;



This is a great document to utilise when you understand how to use it to the fullest!

Submit your details to get your Birth Chart Document

By submitting your order & placing your details you accept T&C on website. You must be over 18yrs.  Payment of £195 is payable upon submission. Delivery time 3-10 business days 

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